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White Feather Holistic Balance

White Feather Holistic Balance

"Healing from the Inside Out"

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My Treatments

Polarity touch therapy
Yoga position
Sound therapy using singing bowls

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,

you touch everything."  - Lao Tzu


Polarity Therapy

A natural health care therapy based upon the universal principles of energy: attraction (+), repulsion (-), and neutrality (0). Polarity taps into your quantum (cellular) vibration and your body's inherent ability to heal itself. These techniques also include Polarity Reflexology.

Reiki Therapy

A Japanese word (pronounced ray-key) representing universal life energy; the energy that is all around us. Reiki uses specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body.


Lemurian Light Healing

Has been described as ten times the power of Reiki. Lemurian therapy uses tones, symbols, and Lemurian crystals to restore healing.


Bodywork Benefits:

  • Manages stress 

  • Promotes calmness & mental clarity 

  • Creates grounding & vitality

  • Complements medical treatments

  • Releases blocked energy 

  • Pain management 

  • Strengthens the immune system


Holistic Coaching

Offers an energetic space for effective communication that can integrate your wisdom of the whole: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Together we will look within and explore your goals, deepen your self-knowledge, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

 Honors the Principle ”As above so below.” This astrological reading will bring an understanding of your birth chart. It will allow you to see the big picture of your life purpose, lessons, and gifts, as designed by the placement of stars and planets on the day and time of your birth. This understanding will bring clarity and knowing to your life. Learning to fall in love with your life all over again.


Sound Therapy

Is a holistic tool for wellness. Also known as vibrational medicine that has its roots in ancient cultural practices that used chants and singing bowls to restore health and relieve pain. 

Sound therapy is supported by scientific studies that show sound produces changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine, and neurological systems. When used with energetic body work the sound vibrations speed up the recover of the body’s balance to health and well-being.  

Included in your sound therapy session will be the use of Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, a Tibetan Bowl, Toning, a Native American Round Drum, and Crystals.


About Me

I am a NCCA Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP), Usui Reiki Master, and Licensed Nurse.


The principles I follow are based on the concept that all disease begins at a non-physical, energetic level, and may finally manifest at the physical level as a signal that something is out of balance. The principles also suggest that disease cannot exist in a balanced environment where energy is flowing freely.


In my practice I use quantum vibrational techniques to encourage the body to awaken its inherent ability to heal itself. The methods I use help the body elicit the relaxation response which works to create a state of balance and promote the free flow of energy throughout both the physical and energetic bodies.


I'm a practitioner of, and consultant for, a variety of holistic health modalities. I share information to educate people about holistic health and wellness, help promote relaxation, and use techniques that trigger the body’s intrinsic wisdom and ability to heal itself, however, I do not diagnose, treat illness, or prescribe medications.  

Clients leave their session more educated about a variety of self-care techniques and empowered to maintain their sense of balance and well-being.

Mary Webb


"Mary has an intuitive gift for gently, but quickly understanding her clients concerns and then selecting a modality which will bring about the best individual result. She has a true passion for comprehending the natural interconnectivity of the mind, body, and spirit, and how they synergistically work together to effect healing. She uses that knowledge to bring about feelings of calm, balance, and well-being. I really appreciate the positive change I experienced after only one session. I have no reservations about recommending Mary. She carefully explains what she is doing and why, so each session is a learning experience."  - John A

"Mary's positive energy is amazing. Her ability to listen and ground a person is truly a gift. For over two years Mary has guided me with multiple astrology readings to help me with life's ups and downs. These have given me a better understanding of who I am and how to reach my best potential. She is open, caring, and truly a wonderful person to have in your life."- Jessica B

"I was given a lovely gift certificate or a session with Mary. Mary’s ability to shift me and center my energy was so good for my soul. It was very soothing. I have done 2 sessions and plan on a maintainable program with her. Life has taken a turn for us all and working with many different clients is a challenge especially when you care deeply for them. This is a great way to stay on top. So that may be able to give more peace and calmness. I hope you enjoy it and feel the benefits that I have had." - Glenda S

"I had a wonderful experience with Mary. You won't be dissapointed!!!"- Nicolette L

Kris Michaels

"I had been speaking to a friend about alternative techniques for natural healing and she referred me to Mary. When I spoke with Mary on the phone she explained healing techniques that I couldn’t describe but knew must be out there somewhere. She carefully listened to my symptoms and explained to me how atoms and energy are related to our health. After the first session I felt an immediate improvement. She also gave me simple exercises to follow between sessions to maintain my health. I recommend her without hesitation. She is a wealth of information and so kind and more than willing to share what

she knows." - Tonya C 

"Mary is a true angel. Her knowledge of the services she offers are extensive.  She is very patient, is a great listener, and provides feedback on the best way to approach your challenges. My experience was very enlightening, and I have to say, I felt both physical and spiritual sensations during the session.  She very professionally and lovingly took my experience and provided me with an interpretation of what I had seen and felt. She loves what she does and shares that love with each one of her clients. I left her feeling peaceful and with a lifted spirit. I can't wait to see her again!"- Rosi B 

White Feather Holistic Balance
Fee Schedule

Bundle and Save

  3 sessions        210

  5 sessions        325

10 sessions        600

Custom Programs & 

Gift Certificates Available  

First Appointment is 90 Minutes              111

Subsequent Appointments are 60 minutes  75

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